Goodbye Summer. Summer is full of happiness, adventures, memories, Seasonal depression can be a real thing with summer leaving! However, it doesn’t have to be! Check out the best ways to stay happy and healthy during the changing of the seasons.

1. Start A Journal

Being cooped up inside during the colder months of the year is probably the best time to start a journal!

Journaling is a super tool for mental health. Don’t bottle up your thoughts, feelings, emotions, or ideas! Write the down!

2. Get a Flu shot

With the changing of the seasons comes the flu! Be prepared and get your flu shot. You wouldn’t want to get the pesky virus and be sick for weeks!

3. Enjoy the Holidays

The holiday season is approaching, with summer leaving and the kids back to school. It’s time to relax! The holiday season is about spending time with family and loved ones. Not to mention the food! So enjoy life and time with the people you care for.

4. Stay Active

With the colder weather coming, it’s harder to stay fit and stay active. Bundle up and go for a run! Or workout from home! It’s important to stay active to keep blood flowing and stay healthy.

5. Moisturize your skin

Dry skin comes with the bitter cold wind and weather. Make sure you stay moisturized to prevent dryness, chafing and blistering! Giving your skin a healthier glow!

6. Do some Spring Cleaning

Cleaning out your closest of your summer clothes or cleaning something you’ve been putting off, now is the perfect time to do it before it’s too late. Reduce your stress, clean until your mood improves!

7. Start Taking Vitamin D

With the sun being out less during these months, a source of vitamin D is more important than ever. Vitamin D is key to strong bones and a healthy body, so it’s important to get it from somewhere whether from supplements or sun exposure.

8. Boost Your Immune System

You can boost your immune system in many ways! Stay fit, get your sources of vitamin C, and drink tons of water. Cleaning up your immune system is key to preventing illness and staying healthy.

9. Get ready for Daylight Savings

As annoying as it is, daylight savings is approaching. However, you can get ahead! Adjust your sleeping schedule early so you’re not groggy after the switch!

10. Be kind to yourself

Most important of all, take care of yourself. Mind, body, and soul. The only person that’s there for you in the end if yourself. So be kind to yourself, don’t be so harsh. Relax and take your time. It’s easy to get depressed during the cold seasons. Less sun can cause seasonal depression. Be careful, love yourself, and pick up a new hobby.

The wrap

Summer time fun is fading, Seasonal depression could be approaching ! However, it doesn’t have to! Keep yourself healthy and happy this cold holiday season and stay on top of things! Follow these tips and your seasonal switch up should be more than smooth

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