15 Best Kit-Kat Dessert Recipes!

Do you love Kit Kats as much as we do? With these recipes you can use your favorite crunchy candy bar in incredible ways. From pies, to cakes, even nachos! Complete your dinner party with one of these delicious treats.

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1. Giant Homemade Kit Kat Bar

A giant homemade Kit Kat Bar makes a way better statement than those silly little store-bought ones.

From: The Decorated Cookie

2. Candy Bar Pie

Kit Kat candy bars are the star of this Kit Kat Pie. With a rich, sweet, dense, and chewy filling, in a flaky pie crust.

From: What The Forks For Dinner

3. 3 Ingredient Kit Kat Fudge

It seems like I haven’t posted a recipe in forever! I feel like I go through phases of either posting TONS of recipes, or none at all! It’s so hard to find a balance between that!

From: Crafting E

4. Kit Kat Ice cream Cake

Layers of ice cream + KIT KAT® bars + chocolate glaze = pure perfection. Sign us up for any dessert that doesn’t require turning on an oven.

From: Pure Wow

5. Kit Kat Cheesecake Brownies

Give me a break. Give me a break. Break me off a piece of these outstanding Kit Kat Cheesecake Brownies. If you thought a Kit Kat bar could not get any better, then you need to try this delicious brownie recipe.

From: The Best Dessert Recipes

6. Kit Kat Cupcakes

There is something so much fun about “extreme” cupcakes, don’t you agree? Yes, they are piled high but they are oh so delicious! Kit Kat lovers will rejoice in these extreme Kit Kat Cupcakes! All the delicious flavors you expect loaded into a yummy cupcake!

From: Mom Does Reviews

7. Kit Kat Nachos

Are you ready for a sugar high? Make a plate of these Kit Kat Nachos for dessert. Is this some thing you could handle? Maybe in my younger days! Your family or guests will either love it or think you are insane. I can already feel the pain of the sugar crash just looking at the picture.

From: Edible Crafts

8. No Bake Kit Kat Squares

No Bake Kit Kat Squares are an easy recipe for a layered chocolate dessert that come together without baking. Kit Kats are a favorite or mine but you could easily try this with other candy bars too. The video shares a version made with an assortment of Halloween candy.

From: A Bakers House

9. Kit Kat Caramel No Bake Cheesecake


From: Whats Ur Home Story

10. Kit Kat Cookie Skillet

Kit Kat Skillet Cookies are a quick and easy cookie  baked with everyone’s favorite crispy candy bars and an extra drizzle of caramel and chocolate.  Too good to pass up!

From: Miss In The Kitchen

11. Kit Kat Cookies

Soft and chewy Kit Kat Chocolate Chip Cookies filled to the brim with Kit Kat candy. These buttery cookies are made with melted butter so they come together using just a bowl and a spoon. 

From: Sweetest Menu

12. Candy Bar Brownies


So what do you do when you bought enough Halloween candy for 500 kids, and maybe 10 kids came to your door?  You start baking that candy into anything and everything.  First up, it’s candy bar brownies.  Or candy bag brownies, because these are kind of like just dumping the entire bag of candy into your brownies.   It’s safe to assume that Weight Watchers will not be contacting me to develop recipes any time soon!

From: Love From The Oven

13. Kit Kat Cake

I have some fun news today! It’s my birthday! Yay! And I made a Kit Kat Cake! Yum! Watch the video showing you how to make this Kit Kat Cake, then scroll to the bottom of this post and print out the recipe so you can bake it at home.

From: Recipe Girl

14. Kit Kat Stuffed Brownies

From: Delish

15. Copycat Kit Kat Bars

I have the best memories of those times that we could sit together the two of us and just talk.  It was so neat to be able to connect with this small boy and see how his mind was reacting and taking shape to the growing world around him.  I used these times to learn about who this little being was that I had been entrusted with.

Now you too can make your own Copycat Kit Kat Bars at home!!

From: Saving Dollars & Sense


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